Monday, June 15, 2009

What to do, what to do......?

My eldest has started back at daycare today. he used to go to a community daycare one day a week before we moved interstate ( 9 months ago now - doesn't time fly?). We felt it really helped his development as he has a language delay so we have put him in for one day a week here. I've rung the centre and they said he is doing fine, which is what I expected. He is a very flexible child and not much perturbs him. The ladies at the center seem lovely too and I like their set up of lots of activities that the kids can go between as the fancy takes them interspersed with structured things like stories and dancing.

Now back to my question - What to do?

My youngest son still has a nap of a couple of hours during the middle of the day. This leaves me with a dilemma. Should I use this time to blitz the housework and do those things that you just can't do with 2 small boys running around, like wash the floors, or should I use this as 'me' time to sit and read a book, magazine or do something else I no longer get the time to do (Oh to watch a movie or sew!)?

I know I probably should use it as 'me' time but I can't relax knowing there are the other chores to do, so I think it will be housework time for a few weeks until I get on top of it and actually finish unpacking! Maybe I can start to get more housework done in the 2 hours between dropping one off at daycare and going to playgroup with the other, then I won't feel so bad about doing what I want to do.


  1. If I can get the two littlies off for a sleep while Lachlan is in preschool, I tend to do half-half! An hour of cleaning, cooking (in peace!) and housework, and an hour of watching a taped show, exercise, magazine, reading whatever. Love it!!

  2. Do something for yourself! What did you end up doing?

  3. I used to have this same dilemma when my son was little and I wasn't working! A balance of rest and work is always a good thing.
    Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. I agree, it's hard to find the perfect balance. I'm struggling with this myself.

    x Amanda