Monday, November 23, 2009

Tutu Cute

I've been busy making some Christmas presents - tied tutus. They are so easy to make and so effective.

Here is a quick how to for one to fit up to approx 5 years old:

*You will need at least 2.5 metres total of soft 150cm wide tulle in the colours of your choice. The more tulle you use, the boofier it will be and fit a bigger waist.
*You will also need a piece of elastic to fit the waist of the wearer ( I cut mine approx 48cm) and sew the ends together by overlapping them.
*Alternatively you can simply use a piece of ribbon long enough to go around the waist and
enough to tie into a lovely bow.
*I then fold it in half lengthwise and run my scissors down the fold to give two strips.
*Pop them one on top of each other and cut them into 10cm wide strips. If you can find something to use as a guide it is a big help. My pine floorboards happen to be the right width so I line up the cut edge on one side of of a floorboard and use the line of the other side I can see
through the tulle as my cutting line.
*Now with all your strips cut, its time to start tying. Its a simple knot but the challenge is trying to get the ends to stay level if thats the look you want.
Some tutorials say to stack a few layers together and tie them together. This would create a nice full skirt but it would take a lot more tulle as you still need to cover the whole band in knots.
*Now here is how to tie

*I do mine in a regular pattern but thats my anality coming through until the whole band is covered. I find it takes about 50 strips at least.
*You could finish it off by trimming the ends if you like and with a flower or bow stitched to the front
*I have seen them done very short and very boofy which looks lovelt and is the more traditional dancing tutu. Using a stiffer tulle would make this type stick out more.

Now please let me know if this inspires you!