Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What is next?

I'm finally getting around to reading my subscription of Home Beautiful and I'm wondering what the next motif fashion will be.  We've had cats, dogs, bugs, now there are a lot of birds around.  My money is on, or maybe just what will be my next motif of choice is, the tree.  

I say that as I look at the beautiful peppercorn tree that hangs over our side fence and still extends at least 10 metres into our backyard.  The late afternoon light is just peeking through the boughs, not enough to blind me, but enough to illuminate the small weeping mullberry a little further across the yard.  The leaves are all a golden yellow and its almost glowing in the crisp light. 

The tree is a magnificent creation.  It encompasses strength and fragility, shelter and the bareness of autumn, minuteness of its seed to the enormity of a 100 year old tree.

Image via Flickr

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