Friday, May 1, 2009

Tick One

After posting about needing a desk for hubby, I went to a second hand shop I've been meaning to visit for a while.  They do a mix of new and second hand with most of the second hand things being commercial office furniture - not exactly what I was looking for.  I mentioned to the assistant when I walked in what I was after - an old style large wooden desk - and he said he didn't think they had anything.  I continued up to the far back corner of the warehouse and squeezed inbetween pieces of furniture with my 2 little ones trailing behind me, to lo and behold...

...there it was!  Exactly what I was looking for and delivered today.  Its huge ( I've added the mug for scale).  40 inches deep and 62 inches wide.  The wood underneath is pine and it has been painted a dark brown.  Its not perfect in condition but it suits the style that we were after perfectly.  We did have something similar up to a year ago with only 2 drawers which had gotten very loose and wonky and the top was a very thin pice of plywood that I had covered in vinyl.  It ended up as firewood before we moved interstate as we really didn't think it would make the trip.  This piece on the other hand is solid.  I dont' think the couriers were too happy when it wouldn't fit through the front door and had to be carried around the back and through the french doors.

And no, its not going to be living in the centre of the room.  I had envisioned it under the window over the heater but I forgot that it had a back 'modesty board' on it.  Oh well thats Hubby's job when he gets home!

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  1. cool! Was it a bargain too given she didn't even know it was there!?