Friday, February 20, 2009

A little break

I'm going to be taking a little break. I have a hectic month coming up. This weekend I'm off to Sydney for a girls night out, then next weekend, the two boys and I are off to Western Australia to visit family and friends for a week. I then come back and we have 2 weeks until settlement on our new home and therefore the move and to add icing to the cake, my parents are visiting for 2 weeks too.

Hopefully I'll have a few minutes and some must share inspiration here and there to pop in though, but until then au revior!


  1. Looking forward to meeting you this weekend Heather!!!
    Have a safe trip up!

  2. Hope you have a refreshing trip!! Have fun!!

    When you get back....I've tagged you!

  3. Please come back Heather! I'm hanging out to hear all about your travels and settling into your new home.

    x Amanda